Thank you for using the services of ContentSix. The following terms and conditions are meant to provide a framework for the relationship between ContentSix and you, our valued client. By using and continuing to use the services provided by us, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions so please take the time to read through them carefully.

This site is owned and operated by ContentSix ("Content6", "", "we" or "us"), who reserves the right to make revisions, remove information, and add to the following terms at their sole discretion. This may be done without prior notice to the visitors and/or users of the Site (collectively, "User" or "You"), simply by updating the terms and conditions. For your protection it is advised that you visit this page throughout our working relationship to check for any updates or changes.

If you are in disagreement with any of the terms and conditions set forth by ContentSix, your only option is to stop using our site and services. If you continue to use our site and services after a revision, removal or addition to these terms, an assumption is made as to your acceptance of the change.

The following terms and conditions are effective as of July 16th, 2018. Services Provided by the ContentSix Site

ContentSix is an original content creator, commissioned to provide content in the form of articles, posts, scripts, white pages, web pages and in any other form to our clients. We offer a guarantee that all the content purchased by our clients is 100% original and verified by using Copyscape premium level as per Google's standards. Exceptions to this may include certain legal, policy or technical phrasing that requires an exact sequence in order to be accurate. Under these circumstances, ContentSix will inform the client before the work is submitted for approval.

Collection of Non-Personal Identification Information

ContentSix reserves their right to collect non-personal information from any user, whether your are paying customer or not. This information includes, but is not limited to; the type of browser, type of

operating system and other technical information pertaining to the equipment and other means by which users are accessing our site.

Sharing of Your Personal Information

At no time will ContentSix share, rent, sell or trade any of your personal or business information with a third party. We do reserve the right however, to send you relevant emails and messages regarding third party services or products that may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive any promotional information provided or endorsed by ContentSix, please notify us in writing.

Personal Information and the Law

The only exception to our commitment to protecting your personal information is when required to disclose information to a government or law enforcement agency. Under these circumstances, ContentSix will abide by any law, rule and regulation that is imposed unto us by a known law enforcement agency.

We do reserve the right to share demographic information that is not linked with any personal information. This information may be shared with our partners, affiliates and advertisers for the purpose of improving the operation of our business and could include, but is not limited to; the geographic locations of our clients, types of business they operate, and general information regarding the type of content our clients order.

Our Use of Cookies

At times, ContentSix may employ "cookies" to enhance your experience on our site. Cookies are placed on a hard drive by the user's browser in order to store and track information about your time on the site. It is within your rights as a user to block cookies from being placed on your hard drive, but you should be aware that by doing so, the site may lose some of its functionality.

Confidential Information

As a content service provider, ContentSix understands that we may at times be made privy to certain confidential information regarding your personal or business entity. Under these circumstances we agree to protect your confidential information to the best of our ability. While we will never disclose your confidential information intentionally, ContentSix will not be held responsible or liable for any breach in our security system.

As a registered user you assume all the risk and responsibility for using our site. ContentSix will not be held liable for any loss, injury, damage, cost, penalty or claim that results as a use of our site, whether it be direct or indirect. Even if ContentSix had been advised of or had knowledge of the chance that any loss, injury, damage, cost, penalty or claim could occur from the use of our site, we will not be held liable.

ContentSix Content Policies

Placing an Order

Orders for content will be placed directly on website and delivered to your email address. The turnaround time begins not upon receipt of the order, but rather on the date and time when ContentSix is able to confirm that the directions and instructions provided are clear enough to start working on a project despite the start date reflected by the system. If we find that our writers need a more detailed explanation of your project, we will make every attempt to contact you in order to get the correct information and/or clear directions in a timely fashion.

We keep all order information for a period of three months, allowing you to come back with further instruction to commence with your order during that time. After three months you will be required to place a new order with ContentSix .

If you decide that you wish to cancel the order, this must be done within 15 days of placing it. We will at this point refund your money minus the 15% service fee barring that no work has begun on the project.


At no time will an order be started until the correct payment has been received by ContentSix.

Client Instructions

As a part of placing your order with ContentSix, we ask that you complete a comprehensive form detailing the type of content you require. We will strive to meet your instructions to the best of our ability, and will attempt to contact you with diligence if there is some question about your order.

The word count is an estimate only, and will not be delivered upon as an exact amount. The word count is meant as a guide for the writer who will make every effort to fall within fifty (50) words of your desired word count, either plus or minus. If that obligation cannot be met, we will inform you of the difficulty with an explanation of why, and wait for further instruction from you.

In the event that the word count does fall below your desired amount, no adjustments will be made in price for the content. Conversely, if the content provided you exceeds your desired word count, ContentSix will not charge you an extra fee.

Submission of Content

Once your requested content has been completed, it will submitted to you for review. You then have two (3) days to inform us of any changes or alterations needed. If we do not hear from you within that time frame, ContentSix will assume that the content was executed to your satisfaction. Only in the event of extreme circumstances outside of your control will ContentSix acknowledge your need for changes or revisions once the 3 (three) day review period has ended.

Revision of Content

ContentSix allows for unlimited revisions of your content within reason. If we believe that our revision policy is being abused by a user, we will discontinue our business relationship without notice. A revision is defined as correcting grammatical errors, structure issues and minor adjustments to content. This revision policy in no way obligates us to a complete rewrite of content unless a gross error has been made on our part. If we do make an error that requires a rewrite, it will be submitted as quickly as deemed reasonable by ContentSix.


ContentSix has editors on staff who take the time to proofread any content for accuracy, grammar and spelling before it is sent to you. As we are working with clients from all over the world, it is your responsibility to inform us of your preferred version of the English language. For example, if you require Australian or United Kingdom spellings. If you do not inform us of any such special requirement, your content will be submitted in the American English format.

Cancellation of Orders

If a client wishes to cancel an order, this must be done with a written notice to ContentSix. The client will still be held responsible for the payment of any expense that was incurred and/or any work which is already completed. This will be based on a percentage of the order completed. Clients may not attempt to cancel an order once it has been completed and will be responsible for the full agreed payment amount.

Content for Academic Purposes

ContentSix maintains their right to decline any order for content that is meant to be used by a student as a school project which will be graded. Our editors can be retained to assist in proofreading the written work of a student, but our writer's are forbidden to submit any content that is meant for use by a student in their academic pursuits. If we find that a user is retaining our services for such purposes, the user account will be terminated without notice. The academic writing service that is offered by ContentSix is for the express use of educators and school administrators only.


During the fulfillment of an order, the copyright produced by any writer employed by ContentSix belongs to us and our writer. Upon receipt and payment for the content, the copyright is legally transferred to you, the buyer. This is an assumed transfer of copyright that does not require an individual written contract in order to make this agreement legally binding.

Our team of writers are all under individual contract to maintain our high standards for content and to only provide content to our clients that is 100% original. In addition, the contracts signed by our writers ensure that the copyrights for any content is solely yours once full payment for the work involved has been received in full.

The Client-Writer Relationship

Assigning Projects

ContentSix employs numerous writers with expertise in specific areas and niches. We retain the right to assign a writer to your projects at our discretion. Content assignment will be based on the expertise of our individual writers and the tone of the content you are requesting. If you are a frequent user of our services and have developed a preference for one writer in particular, we will do everything in our power to assign them your projects (depending on their availability), but ContentSix makes no guarantee that this will always be possible.

Direct Communication With ContentSix Writers

Any communication between a client and a writer will only take place through our site, facilitated by the user's account. Any communication with one or more of our writers outside of the terms set forth by ContentSix will be viewed as a direct breach of contract, and your right to our services will be terminated immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, conversations regarding your order, requests for content without the intervention of ContentSix, locating them personally and initiating contact, and providing them with payments or bonuses outside of the ContentSix site.

ContentSix Payment Policy

Payments for Placement of Orders

In order for your order to be processed and the project to be begun, ContentSix requires a full deposit upfront. This policy applies to new clients and their initial orders as well as ongoing clients who work with ContentSix on a retainer basis. Your project details will not be passed onto the writer and work will not commence until ContentSix is able to verify that we have received proper payment.


Client requests for refunds will be treated as a revision, and the ContentSix staff will work to revise the content to your satisfaction. Clients agree that it is their responsibility to provide us with the correct information and direction in order to ensure that the content ordered is always received to your satisfaction.

Although as a general rule, ContentSix does not offer refunds due to the time taken by our writers to deliver content, we will make every effort in our power to correct a client's project if you are not satisfied. Your satisfaction is our first concern however, and we can provide credit for our services at our discretion. Each request for a refund will be reviewed on a case by case basis and the final resolution left solely to the discretion of ContentSix.

Any revision or refund request must be made within three (3) days after delivery by ContentSix. If after three (3) days we do not receive a response from you, it will be our assumption that you are satisfied with the work received and will mark the order as complete.


If at any time a client wishes to pay additional money to a writer for an exemplary job, this should be done with regular payments. ContentSix will then distribute 75% of that bonus to the appropriate writer, retaining 25% to be distributed to the editors and management.

The Google DMCA & Late Payment Policy

ContentSix abides by the rules and regulations set forth by Google in regards to site content and SEO. By accepting our terms and conditions, you are also attesting that you abide by these same rules and regulations.

ContentSix requires that clients make an upfront payment for any content service we provide for a client. Work begins when receipt of payment is confirmed. If at any time, and for any reason, the payment is retracted for work that has been published, ContentSix reserves to right to file a DMCA. You can read more about the Google DCMA by clicking here.

If you post content to your site that has not been properly paid for, than that content does not legally belong to you. Any Google ranking achieved, plus content writing and SEO is also not legally yours. You can find this provision under the Google DMCA Web Search section.

ContentSix therefore reserves our right to file a Google DMCA complaint with Google if a client retracts a payment after work has been completed and sent, or does not make the full agreed upon payment after the work has been sent. We have never had to go to this extreme in the past, thanks to our commitment to always meeting customer satisfaction, but this important part of our terms and conditions is in place in order to protect the content we provide and uphold our high standards. We will attempt to resolve the issue with the client first, and email notice of our intent to file 24 hours beforehand. We will also alert the client of each step in the process while it is being investigated by Google in order to maintain complete transparency.

Although we will first pursue less drastic means of resolving any legal issue with a client, please understand that if we are not paid for our service and the content we produced is illegally held by you, you are leaving us no other choice but to file a complaint.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

ContentSix reserves our right to make changes, revisions, omissions and additions to these terms and conditions at our discretion. We are under no obligation to inform you of any such changes, revisions, omissions or additions, although we will attempt to inform our users through email. Your continued use of our site and services serves as acknowledgement to these terms and conditions and any changes made hereafter. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to read and review these terms and conditions in order to stay informed of any changes.

Your use of our site serves as acknowledgment and acceptance of all terms and conditions defined above. If you are in disagreement with any of our policies, terms or conditions please refrain from using our site. By continuing to use our site you acknowledge that you accept any changes that are made after the initial posting of these terms and conditions.


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